The National Board for Certification of Orthopedic Brace Technologists, Inc., NBCOBT, is a professional organization that supports and promotes orthopedic brace technologist certification. This Candidate/Certificant Code of Conduct enables NBCOBT to define and clarify the professional responsibilities for present and future NBCBOT certificants.


 It is vital that NBCOBT certificants conduct their work in a professional manner to earn and maintain the confidence and respect of recipients of orthopedic braces, colleagues, employers, and the public.


 As certified professionals in the field of orthopedics, NBCOBT certificants will at all times act with integrity and adhere to high standards for personal and professional conduct, accept responsibility for their actions, both personally and professionally, continually seek to enhance their professional capabilities, practice with fairness and honesty, abide by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and encourage others to act in a professional manner consistent with the certification standards and responsibilities set forth below.


 Where the term "certificant" is used, the term "applicant or candidate" is included in its scope.





Principle 1


Certificants shall provide accurate and truthful representations to NBCOBT concerning all information related to aspects of the Certification Program, including, but not limited to, the submission of information:

1.  On the examination and certification renewal applications, and renewal audit form;

2.  Requested by NBCOBT for a disciplinary action situation or

3.  Requested by NBCOBT concerning allegations related to:

4.  Test security violations and/or disclosure of confidential examination material content to unauthorized parties;

5.  Misrepresentations by a certificant regarding his/her credential(s) and/or education;

6.  The unauthorized use of NBCOBT’s intellectual property, certification marks, and other copyrighted materials.



Principle 2

·       Certificants who are the subject of a complaint shall cooperate with NBCOBT concerning investigations of violations of the Candidate/Certificant Code of Conduct, including the collection of relevant information.

Principle 3

·       Certificants shall be accurate, truthful, and complete in any and all communications, direct or indirect, with any client, employer, regulatory agency, or other parties as relates to their professional work, education, professional credentials, research and contributions to the field of orthopedic brace technology.


Principle 4

·       Certificants shall comply with laws, regulations, and statutes governing the practice of orthopedic brace technology.



Principle 5

·       Certificants shall not have been convicted of a crime, the circumstances of which substantially relate to the practice of orthopedic brace technology or indicate an inability to engage in the practice of orthopedic brace technology, and/or competently.


Principle 6

·       Certificants shall not engage in behavior or conduct, lawful or otherwise that causes them to be, or reasonably perceived to be, a threat or potential threat to the health, well-being, or safety of recipients or potential recipients of orthopedic braces.


Principle 7

·       Certificants shall not engage in the practice of orthopedic brace technology  while one’s ability to practice is impaired due to chemical (i.e., legal and/or illegal) drug or alcohol abuse.