Sample Exam Questions
Exam candidates are encouraged to review Dr. Augusto Sarmiento's Manual of Fracture Casting and Bracing
Available in printed form from ($169.00)  or CD form from ($25.00).  Also can be viewed free at 

1. A fracture can be mechanically stabilized by which of the following techniques/procedures             

  a. an intramedullary implant

  b. internal plates and screws

  c. external fixation devices

  d. all the above



2. It is quite common for humeral fracture patients to shrug the shoulder when a sling is applied to a cast or splint.  If the aforementioned  occurs and results in the sling being too short, which of the following complications may result

  a. humeral shortening

  b. humerus drifting into varus deformity

  c. humerus drifting into valgus deformity

  d. humerus internally rotating the distal fracture fragment



3. A hip abduction brace is commonly used

  a. to provide warmth for the femur

  b. to provide position post-operatively to the femoral head.

  c. to provide stability for a tibial fracture

  d. to correct a valgus deformity of the femur