Scope of Practice

Orthopedic Brace Technologist - Scope of Practice


Overview.           The Orthopedic Brace Technologist (known as “OBT” hereafter) is a medically trained individual who functions, pursuant to and under the direction/orders of the licensed physician (i.e., orthopedic surgeon) and/or in collaboration with other M.D./D.O. specialties within the healthcare profession.  The OBT provides care to patients/clients with orthopedic problems through the application, adjustment and removal of pre-fabricated, custom fitted and custom made orthopedic braces  and other durable medical equipment .  Such problems/conditions may be associated with the upper and lower extremities and spinal anatomy.

The OBT may perform services in hospitals, clinics and private orthopedic practices. The duties of orthopedic bracing technologists may vary between employment settings, however such duties may include, but are not  limited to the following:

-          Dressing removal - assess the condition of wounds prior to brace application. Consult with physicians for further orders when problems are identified.

-          Measure and fit patients for orthopedic braces, (including fracture bracing) devices and ambulatory aids. Instruct patients regarding care and proper use.

-          Instruct patient/family in the care of the brace as well as appropriate skin care. Reinforce patient instructions and medical information provided by the physician regarding the specific injury, treatment plan, anticipated results and prognosis.

-          Order and maintain durable medical equipment and effectively manage orthopedic supplies for cost-saving conditions

-          Function effectively with other health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, as required in order to facilitate quality patient care.

-          interact with other departments (i.e., medical records, radiology/imaging, practice management) to obtain the resources needed to assist in patient care

-          Establish effective helping relationships with patient and family

-          Maintain patient dignity and confidentiality

-          Provide on-site instruction and demonstration of bracing techniques to other health professionals (medical students, interns, residents) as requested.

-          Maintain accurate patient records

-          Participate in ongoing continuing education and research initiatives that may complement/enhance the existing professional literature base.

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